Spotlight on Volunteers

Dr. Dennis McCunniff
Adult Program Tutor

Dr. Dennis McCunniff, Adult Program Tutor Dennis began tutoring at the Winston-Salem Street School in 2022. His friend and co-tutor, Pat Healy, asked him to consider it. According to Dennis, he had some misgivings and insecurities about his ability to teach but has found tutoring not only stimulating but a lot of fun. He feels he has been blessed to work with motivated students who are very bright and eager to move forward in life. Dennis tutors in math, which, according to him, is “the best because math is true! You know you have the right answer when it checks out correctly. Watching these young adults get excited about working through a problem and coming up with the right answer has been terrific.” His student, May, appreciates the support Dennis has given her and shares, “Mr. Dennis is very sweet and makes math fun. He is kind, supportive, and patient. He is the best tutor you could ask for!” Dennis highly encourages others to give tutoring a try. Whether you are passionate about math or possess expertise in other subject areas, you will find the experience to be rewarding for both you and your students.

Mr. Jonathan Milner, High School Tutor After working as a public high school teacher for 23 years, Jonathan missed interacting directly with young people. He had heard great things about the Street School from a close friend who volunteers and encouraged him to get involved. According to Jonathan, he’s so glad he did! He began tutoring in January and works with high schoolers in English and social studies. He says it’s great to be back teaching, and the students at the Street School are amazing.  Jonathan believes, “Children are our future. ALL children. I have been given so much educationally, and I wanted to give something back to people who haven’t had the same opportunities.” He adds that it’s great to connect with young people, and it makes him feel hopeful. Jonathan loves working one-on-one, getting to see students grasp a concept, and learning their stories.

One of his most rewarding tutoring experiences so far has been helping one of his students read his first complete novel, and Jonathan hopes to instill a love of reading in him. He obviously makes learning fun for his students. According to Darlene, “I like working with Mr. Jonathan because he is hilarious and tries to liven up learning.” Jonathan’s advice to anyone considering becoming a tutor, “You better take kids as they are instead of how you might want them. These kids have been through a lot. It’s an accomplishment for some of them just to show up each day. They are working hard. You have to meet them where they are, and then help nudge them ahead slowly.” Jonathan loves the Street School, looks forward to tutoring, and learns something new every time he visits. “The staff knows and cares about every student. I appreciate the opportunity to work with these inspiring kids and teachers!”