Mission & Values

Our Mission

The Winston-Salem Street School is dedicated to the belief that a quality education is the most effective way of transforming many disenfranchised members of our society into productive citizens.


The Winston-Salem Street School seeks to provide not only an opportunity for students to earn an accredited high school diploma, but gain the necessary skills and tools to ensure educational, vocational, and personal success in life.

Guiding Principles

The school was founded upon a commitment to Jesus Christ, Savior and Lord, and is guided by His example of compassion for the poor and forgotten people among us. He is our motivation and example for all the work done through and by the school.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Winston-Salem Street School celebrates and embraces the individual, student, and staff member. We strive to create an educational environment and workplace that supports the diverse communities we serve where each person is encouraged and empowered to be his/her individual, authentic self.