A Teacher’s Perspective

Student and Teacher
Jessica Moore, English and History Teacher

In my six years of teaching at the Street School, I have witnessed tremendous growth and opportunities for the students. I began teaching in August 2017 as a recent graduate from Winston-Salem State University. When I first entered the school, I was warmly embraced by the staff, administrators, and students.

As a former youth counselor, teaching just seemed to fit my career path. I instantly fell in love with the unique design of the school as it catered to individuality, character building, and education. Our location in downtown Winston-Salem has given us more opportunities to explore education outside of the classroom. From scavenger hunts to study sessions at the Central Library, my goal for my students is to connect the community with the classroom.

Many of the students have experienced adult lives before they have fully navigated through their teenage years. This puts most of them at a disadvantage socially and emotionally. But the Street School’s 12:1 ratio allows the teachers and staff to build meaningful relationships with the students.

Once there is a connection, I have found that I am able to see the heart as well as the student. That is the moment when all the “hard work” starts to pay off.