A Teacher's Perspective

Lahmi Simmons
Tremendous Stories

In my two years of teaching at the Winston-Salem Street School, I have been a witness to children with tremendous stories, and I am elated to serve and assist them in their journeys. I came from a background with many obstacles, which required strength, perseverance, and resilience to get me to the position I’m in today. I came to Winston-Salem from Fayetteville, North Carolina, in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and psychology. With the understanding of what it took to elevate my life, I love being a living example for others to follow and an uplifting member of my community.

After graduating from Winston-Salem State University in 2020, I took my passion for mentoring and spreading holistic health and opened a business helping people to become the best version of themselves. I was given the opportunity to teach at the Street School and instantly fell in love with the climate of this program. Being a beacon of hope and light at a school that prioritizes character-building and individuality allows me to share my gifts and follow my purpose. My goal in the classroom is always to foster growth and accountability. I love for my students to reach inside for solutions to problems and advocate for themselves. Empowering students gives them a sense of confidence so they can have the mindset of “anything is possible.” I am currently in charge of the Nutrition and Wellness program and serve in other roles at the school, many of which allow me to interact with our valued volunteers. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with these generous individuals who come and help the students, building a sense of fellowship.

Their dedication and support truly make a difference in the lives of the students. I am particularly thankful for the lunch catering provided by volunteers and the involvement of the community in our programs. The support we receive from stakeholders helps us create a positive and nurturing environment for our students. Each member of the Winston-Salem Street School family, whether volunteer, student, or teacher, is a blessing and the embodiment of servantship.