A Letter from our Executive Director

Mike Foster
Mike Foster

In 2004, the Winston-Salem Street School started a mission to provide a “road to hope” for high school students struggling to find their way. Our program’s founder, David Morgan, was tired of seeing young people fall through the proverbial cracks because they made poor life choices, experienced challenging personal circumstances, or just realized they learned differently. Th is was the reason the Street School was created. From one graduate that first year to 21 in the Class of 2024, nearly 350 lives have been forever changed because of their Street School experience.

What is the Street School experience?
It is literally meeting a student where they are, not only in their educational journey, but their personal walk as well. It is understanding that no two students learn the same, whether they are 15 years old, needing 20 credits to earn their diploma, or are in their early 20s, realizing they truly need to be a high school graduate to better their earning potential. It is creating a culture of love and extending grace with second chances, while instilling a new sense of accountability, determination, and an appreciation for a completely new outlook on life. With your support, the Winston-Salem Street School can provide all of this.  So much in our world has changed in the last 20 years. Some of the challenges our students and their families face daily have become more difficult. Poverty, broken homes, social media negativity, and the mental health challenges created by all these factors have only grown. That is where the consistency and stability of the Street School come in.

For students willing to put forth their best effort and seize the opportunities our program provides, the trajectory of their lives can transform in ways they never imagined. Whether our students want to continue their education after their Street School experience, explore options for serving their country in different branches of the military, or position themselves for a career of their choosing, it all starts here. When you support the Winston-Salem Street School with your fi nances and/or volunteer time, you are coming alongside an organization like no other. The services we offer to the students we serve in our high school and adult programs are not duplicated by anyone else in this area. That means that not only does your support remain here, you are impacting the lives of those that will one day make a positive impact in this same community.

For the last 20 years and today, thank you for sharing our vision, believing in our students, and doing all you do for the Winston-Salem Street School.